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Find your new favorite t-shirt here. 100% cotton t-shirts available in more than 15 colors across the round neck and V neck styles. Print these t-shirts and make them your own.

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Custom Printed T Shirts

T Shirt is the most common clothing item in the world today, liked by both men and women, t shirts are the choice of clothing for most of us. As many of you would know, that T Shirts were first used as men’s undershirts, a garment which men used to wear inside their shirts. This is the late 19th century and t shirts were mainly used by factory workers, farm labors and soldiers. As the century progressed and the humble undergarment came out in the open, it becomes acceptable, fashionable and liked by both men and women alike. And now it can be claimed with authority that the humble t shirt is the most popular clothing product of all time.

T Shirts are mainly made of cotton and come without any collar, also called crew neck t shirts or round neck t shirts. There is also a variant which is called a V Neck t shirt, as the name suggests, a V neck t shirt has slanting cuts on the neck like which looks like the letter V and is super cool and fashionable.

T-Shirt Printing

As the t-shirt’s popularity grew as an essential youth clothing accessory, it got engaged in many other activities associated with the youth. And one such thing is decorating a t shirt.

Now as most of the young people are wearing t shirts, it made a lot of sense for advertisers, top fashion brands, sports clubs and even pop celebrities to use this accessory to reach out to their prime target audience which is the youth. And this is what they did. So by the second half of the 20th century, there were few iconic t shirt designs which has already transcended the national boundaries and were worn and adorned by people around the world. T-Shirts were also used as a message board for protests. It makes sense if you are in a protest to wear a t shirt with your message than to carry a placard, after all why would one carry a placard if one can wear one. And this acceptability and humility which a t shirts gives increased it popularity many folds. T Shirt are also used as a souvenir. So if you want to commemorate an event or celebrate an occasion, having a t shirt printed for it with your own custom message will make it worthwhile.

Nowadays people get t shirts printed for all kinds of occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, kids first birthday, graduation day, bachelors part we have t shirts for all kind of occasion. And now with modern printing technology, you can get even 1 t shirt printed if you want, with your art, message or text on it. And the print quality will be as good as any other factory made t shirt.

Universities are colleges played a major role in popularizing t-shirts along with sports teams and clubs.

So if you are a college or university student, now its almost customary to get a t shirt printed for every major step of your educational journey. If you are part of any club or sub-group in college, you can get a t shirt printed with your college logo and your club name along with your name if you want. Most of the colleges have an official merchandising team who will take care of the t shirts needs of the fellow students. And its done officially with permission and guidance from the college management.

The same thing applies for most of corporate companies also. Its now customary to get a corporate t shirt with company logo as a welcome gift from the organization at your joining day. The t shirt is printed with the company name, logo, image or/or a slogan or a message.

So t-shirts are very popular and they are used for a variety of occasions and reason, most common on them are t shirt for events, birthday, anniversaries, parties, corporate events, company logo, college or school t shirts and personal t shirts.

T Shirt Printing Methods

There are many ways to print a t shirts like – Screen Printing, Sublimation Printing, Direct to Garment ( DTG ) printing, but the most versatile and arguably the best on is t shirts printing vinyl or Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV.

We at printstreet use HTV or heat transfer vinyl for printing t shirts. It’s a long lasting and durable medium and the prints lasts long and stay bright and vibrant till the natural life of the garment. In this method, the design is traced using tracing software and once the contours of the artwork is on the screen, its used to cut the vinyl. The media or vinyl we use is one of the best in the world and is imported from US and Europe. Now as per the design color, vinyl will be selected and cut using a high precision plotter which uses high-density precision blades to cut the vinyl using the software. Now with the design on the vinyl cut, the next step is peeling off the unwanted part of vinyl to reveal the design, this step is called weeding. So the unwanted part of the vinyl frame is weeded off and the design is revealed in its full glory. The next step now is to apply this design on the garment, a heat press is used for this step to achieve the required temperature and pressure for the vinyl to fuse on the garment. Once this is done, the release film is pulled out leaving only the vinyl on the garment. The vinyl we use here is PU vinyl and its safe for use in garments and does not cause any allergy or irritation on contact with skin.

This way the t shirt is printed using vinyl and is ready for its final use. T shirt printing in India now has a good volume and is catching up fast. Now you can easily order t shirt printing online using printstreet and it will be printed as per your design and artwork and will be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in India.