About Us

Printstreet is a technology-based mass customisation company dealing majorly in clothing, electronics, paper products, bags and accessories. Products from reputed global brands are offered to customers along with their desired customisation. Primarily designed for corporate usage, this service now has many takers.

Not Just Corporate Gifts

We started operations in 2016 as a corporate gifting company, dealing mainly in corporate business needs. Its was a business to business solution and was only for organisations and institutions ordering in bulk.

We are a mass customisation company and serving orders in bulk makes it easier for customisation.

This solution works perfectly for business houses but what about an individual buyer, who does not or cannot order in bulk. We feel it’s unfair to leave them and focus only on bulk order.

So now, we have evolved into a technology-based mass customisation company serving both corporates and individuals with exact same products are solutions. Baring few product exceptions there is no MOQ for our products, and even a single product can be ordered with logo/name/photo or text customisation as per the end use.

For You and also for Your Business

The products and solutions offered by Printstreet can be used by people in their daily lives. We can make your special occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, house warming etc extra special by giving you an option to use customised color coordinated apparel,merchandise and other products. We also have gifting products with an extra touch of you name or a personal message marked permanently on the product itself. It can be an ear pod or probably a bluetooth speaker with your or your loved ones name or a personal message on it.

It need not be a gift always, our products can of course be ordered for personal usage. We will we very happy to assist you find that perfect T shirt for you with the image of your favourite person or hero.

And if you are a business house, we are very much for you. You can order all the above products with extra discounts and added customisation benefits available exclusively for bulk buyers.

Premium Brands : Customised

We have a long partnership with some of the best apparel and lifestyle products brands globally, and we are very happy to bring these products to you. Brands like – Puma, US Polo Association, Arrow, Swiss Military and Portronics are some of the brands we deal with and we will keep bringing similar global brands for your pleasure.

These brands along with the inherent prestige and joy of ownership bring along with them top high end quality. And this is what we are after. Our products are and always will be of top quality. Whether its top global brands or generic white tabled products, if its available on our platform, it will be of top quality, always.

The Printstreet Promise

Every product we sell, comes with an inherent promise, of quality, of satisfaction and of complete peace of mind.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the products you have purchased, we will do everything to make it right, to match your exception and to make you happy. And if we fail to do so, we will refund your money, as simple as that.

We got you covered, happy shopping.