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Polo T Shirts 

Printstreet offers a wide range of polo t shirts for men and women. These t shirts are offered with logo customisation and can be used for corporate t shirts, promotional t shirts for event like weddings, birthdays, anniversary etc and also for corporate gifting purpose. 

Polo T Shirts for Men

Polo t shirts are one of the most common modern apparel items for both men. Its easy availability all over the world, its versatility and the convenience and ease it brings to the table makes it the most preferred corporate t shirt in India and in the world as well. All top MNC have a policy to give printed corporate t shirts to its staff, and since the staff are a mixed group, polo t shirts makes perfect sense.

There is an interesting story about how polo t shirts came to fashion, unlike make other modern clothing items, polo t shirts for men actually originated in India. Its round late 19th century and early 20th century and British India is a cosmopolitan hub of global significance. All kinds of people live here and all kinds of leisure and recreational activities are enjoyed in abundance. Its British India after all and India was the crown jewell of British empire. In this background the sport of polo was originated. It was played in India since a long time, but after the British it got its modern form. And since it needed horses and huge grounds, it was an exclusive prerogative of the rich and privileged, ie the Indian royalty and the British elites.

They used to wear traditional shirts made of cotton with button down closure and rolled up sleeves, but as the time progressed some one thought about giving away with the bottom down button closure and give way to the skip in slip out cotton shirts with collar. They become instantly popular and were taken hands off. This is the story of polo t shirts for men in India. And when the British went they took along with them the game of polo and the polo t shirts.  

Printed Corporate T Shirts

Polo T shirts have a unique advantage of being both casual and formal at the same time, its also called business casuals, or weekend wear. Now since these  t shirts are so popular and versatile, most of the companies, intact all the top MNC and other big and small companies have made a policy to provide printed polo t shirts with company logo to their employees. Logo embroidery or logo printing it does not matters, what actually matters is the quality of the products and its durability.

The polo t shirts available at Printstreet are from top global brands like US Polo, Puma, Flying Machine, Arrow and Scott, top generic products are also available for budget t shirts printing. What ever the product you choose for your self or for your employees, if you are ordering from Printstreet you can assured of the few basic points – top quality, high durability, perfect customisation, available for both men and women and on time delivery.  

Promotional T Shirts printing in India

Using t shirts for promoting a product or service or just the company or a message or for political, religious or for activism is as old as the t shirt it self. Printstreet provides excellent options for customise t shirts for promotional events. These t shirt are of good quality and are of economical range, budget t shirts are mostly used for promotional events. But it is on top quality and cheap price. Promotional t shirts are available for both men and women and can be customised as per the event and requirement.

Computerised automatic embroidery is one options, rubber printing is another. Sublimation and flock sublimation can also be done to print the required material on the t shirt. It can be a company logo, collage, school or institute logo through embroidery, political t shirts can also me made though this medium and can be used for any other occasion like birthday, wedding, sports team t shirts, Indian cricket team t shirts, fan t shirts, IPL t shirts.What ever be the occasion, the day is won by polo t shirts with logo embroidery. As told earlier too, we at Printstreet are the polo t shirts specialists and are very happy to provide printed t shirts for events and any other occasion. 

Best T Shirt design 

When printing a t shirts or providing customised polo t shirts in India, the design of the t shirt becomes very important, its of utmost significance to get the design element right in the production. In most of the cases the design is provided by the client or the end user, if that is the case well and good, but if not we at Printstreet can also provide designing services. Our all powerful designing tool available online at our site can take care of your designing needs.

Our t shirts designs are suitable for corporate usage, personal usage ie for gifting and other purpose and also for events like wedding where the family can print polo t shirts for events and sport a common and co ordinate look though out the ceremony. It can also be used for others occasion like kids birthday where the entire kids brigade can be given custom t shirts for fun filled co ordinate look. 

Polo t shirts for women 

Polo t shirts are suitable for both men and women and with the advent of time and better inclusion of women in the corporate workforce in India ensured that polo t shirts for women is always in demand. As mentioned previously too, custom polo t shirts with logo and company branding is now a very common and almost compulsory dressing item in most modern wardrobes, and t shirts for women is no exception.

The design and aesthetics are slightly different from the polo t shirts for men and are more suitable for women of all ages and all body types. Ladies t shirts with logo are a best sellers product in Printstreet. We have products from the top global brands which can be customised as per clients or endusers needs and can be supplied with company logo embroidery and printing. Womens t shirts are shorter in length, with more space on the upper part to accentuate and outline the female body form.

The sleeves are also short in polo t shirts for women and the collar is smaller with not buttons, only a slit opening for average depth v neck look. Ladies polo t shirts are an acceptable and formal dressing style followed the world over, it can be worn in offices, for business wear, weekend wear, sports and leisure activities, in schools and colleges, institutions, business schools and other formal and informal occasions. Printstreet offer a wide range on polo t shirts for women and ladies polo t shirts. 

Customised t shirts 

Many types of t shirts are available in the market but most of them are fixed in design and colors, since past few years a new trend has taken up which is to custom t shirts as per one’s needs and wish. So no a user can pick up the color of the polo t shirts and get it customised with his company logo, name, personal message and even a photograph printed on the t shirts. There are many means to customise t shirts in india. Embroidery being the most common on them for polo t shirts, followed by flock sublimation and then dye sublimation. Laser engraving on t shirts is also now catching up but the most common of them is logo embroidery on t shirts.

Polo t shirts for men and women are available for customisation on Printstreet, one needs to select the brand and then choose what needs to be customised in the garment. We have a wide range from top global brands to generic cheap t shirts. US Polo, Puma, Arrow, Flying Machine and Scott are some of the brands we deal with. Generic cheap polo t shirts are also available at Printstreet which can be customised with logo embroidery and can be ordered online. 

T shirt logo printing 

Printstreet offers a wide range of custom t shirts. In all the t shirts available with Printstreet logo can be either printed using various means or can be embroidered using automatic computerised embroidery machines. T shirt logo printing service is available at Printstreet online. Users can pick up polo t shirts for men or polo t shirts for women and can get it customised and make a custom polo t shirts online using the powerful customisation tools available online at Printstreet.

Users can pick up t polo t shirts from top global brands like US Polo, Puma, Arrow, Flying Machine and Scott or can choose top quality generic t shirts and make a custom polo t shirts. The generic t shirts available for t shirt logo printing are made up of 100% cotton and are of 210 – 210 gsm thickness. This is an optimal thickness for polo t shirts as this is not too thin and nor too thick, It can be used in any weather, it will not be too hot in hot and humid environments and will be comfortable to wear even in cold climates.