Products From Top Brands Available for Customisation

Printstreet offers a wide range of products from top global and domestic brands dealing in all kinds of clothing for men, women and kids. These products includes polo t shirts, formal shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, Sleeveless Jackets, Sports Jersey, Drifit t Shirts, Dryfit T shirts, ladies polo t shirts, ladies formal shirts, fleece jackets, BCCI hoodies, cricket fan t shirts, IPL t shirts and many more. The products in display at Printstreet are of top quality. We take extra care to ensure that the quality of our products is comparable to the best available in market. We source our products form top brands like US Polo Association, Puma, Arrow, Swiss Military and Scott International. We also have generic high quality products in cotton polo t shirts, round neck t shirts, polyester t shirts for men, women and kids. These are high quality products and are source from the OEMs of top brands so they have the same high quality standards.

Polo t shirts are the most common products to be customised in the current market scenario, there is a reason for that. It can be used by corporates, schools, colleges, training and coaching institutes, office, factory and even by individuals and non business houses for domestic usage. The medium used for customisation is embroidery, and its the best in class embroidery which we use. We use automatic computerised embroidery for customisation.

Customised clothing and apparel products make an excellent choice for corporate gifting. It a practical choice and makes lots of sense. No one will say no to a good t shirt, shirts, sweat shirt, hoodie or a jacket. These products takes a prestigious place in ones wardrobe and are easy to care. And with customisation one can add a company logo through embroidery and thus your company’s brand is always carried along with the user or wearer of that particular apparel.

At Printstreet, we offer top brands to be customised, we are among the few online merchants in India who can offer branded products along with customisation. Our relationship with these brands are long and is mutually beneficial. We source the products from the companies directly, and in some case through the authorised distribution network of the brand. In any case the products are guaranteed to be genuine and original and are backed by the brands. These are the products for institutional sales and corporate gifting, and hence it may be different from what the company stocks and sells though its retail chain of store and other means. And as these are meant for corporate and institutional sales, there is ample space for branding on these products. Most of the products are plain, ie there is no making or manufacturers mark on the product. And if there is any, its tiny and suppose to be like and indication of the brands rather than being the branding medium of brands.

Custom Polo T Shirts Online

Polo t shirts or collar t shirts are very common and useful piece of clothing.Its easy to care for, versatile, can be worn in any occasion and it can go it any other garments as well. You can wear it with jeans or formal trousers. Its unisex, ie both Men and Women can wear it. Now with such a versatile and useful garment should be best and first choice for customisation. And this is what is the case is. Polo T Shirts are one of the most sought after product for customisation. It can be customised using computerised automatic embroidery machines and the output is flawless. Its the same kind of machines used by original manufacturers for making the garments.

Printstreet offers all kinds of polo t shirts for customisation. Premium polo t shirts from top global brands like US Polo, Puma, Arrow, Swiss Military and Scott International. Cheap and Economical Polo T Shirts are also available for customisation, these products are generic but are of top quality and are made with the same quality standards as of the branded ones. Collar t shirts with embroidery can be used for a number of application. Its an excellent mode of corporate gifting, can be used as a team t shirts for corporate teams, for sports and outdoor events, for employees uniform by hotel, restaurants, bars and Pubs. Employees of factory can also be given with customised polo t shirts. Not only by businesses, these t shirt can also be used by individuals and common man for their day to day usage. People wear polo t shirts all the time, so it makes perfect sense to use products after customisation. It can be used as daily wear, can be used as a crew t shirt for any event like a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other event like a baby shower, god bharai, engagement, Raksha bhandhan, rakhi, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, new year.

T Shirt Printing Online in India

T Shirts today are the most commonly worn garment in the world. Its the most comfortable, versatile and durable piece of garment available. The popularity of t shirts rose and rose right from its introduction in the late 19th century. Earlier it was used as an undergarment to be worn under a regular shirt, and was part of the standard issue in US Army. From their it got prominence and now t shirts are fond all over the world. We at Printstreet offer a rich range of t-shirts for printing. Products from top global brands like Puma and Swiss Military are available for online printing, and for the users in a budget generic t shirts are also available which are cheap and can be used for promotional t shirts printing.

The printing technique used to print t shirts depends on the garment it self and the kind of design to be printing and also the total volume of the job. For high volume bulk t shirt printing, screen printing is the most preferred mode. Its durable, produces good color texture and is long lasting with both color and design retention. But there are certain limitation, like not more than 2 -3 colors cab be printed using screens are for every color a separate screen has to be made and for each layer of color the machine or operator does a swipe on the garment. Gradients and fading or rising colors can also not be printing using screens. The other mode of printing is dye sublimation heat transfer. This is now the most common mode of printing t shirts, it can produce all kinds of colors and graphics. Photographs can also be reproduced using this mode.

Printstreet offer t shirt printing service online in India and customers can choose from the available range of t shirt to printing their designs and ideas and photos.

Custom Hoodies & Sweatshirts

A hoodie or hoody is a sweatshirt or jacket with an attached hood or form of head covering. Hooded garments were always there, in almost all cultures one can find reference of a hooded garment to a hoodie. But the one we are talking about is new, it hip, its modern, its young, restless and in some cases reckless and mysterious. Its a very versatile garment which can be worn by both men and womens, boys and girls. It come with a zip or without it the choice is upto the user, but most preferred ones are the ones with zip. We at Printstreet offer an engaging collection of hoodies, hoody, sweatshirts and jackets. They come with an attached hood for covering your head during rains or cold weather and has pockets on the front at arms rest position for a comfortable and cool style.

There are many ways to make a customised hoodie. Embroidery is one of them. Like any other type of customisation, embroidery stands out here too. Hoodies are made from rich cotton 300GSM or more and generally are brushed from inside for that comfortable and cosy feeling in winters. With this kind of material embroidery goes naturally. If the design area is small its a good medium, but if the design area is large its always good to go with either screen printing or for dye sublimation heat transfer to print your custom hoodies. Printstreet offers a nice, easy to use, all online platform for customisation of hoodies. One can pick from brands like Puma, Swiss Military, Scott or can go with generic hoodies which are made from the same quality standards as the branded one are made. So weather you want to print your hoodies, you use embroidery for putting your company logo on the sweatshirt, we have a solution for you.