A dedicated section to address all your designing & customization issues.

How to Add Text

Watch this detailed slide show article with screenshots explaining how to add text to any product and style the text by changing font color, font size, and position.

How to Add Images

Watch this detailed slide show article with screenshots to understand how to add an image or graphic to any product, change image size & image positions and how to style the image element. 

Watch these short videos to cover the most common issues.

Add text, change font, font color and size. 

Add image,change image size. 

Complete design and ordering process.


Yes, the customization and design process is same for all products. You have to click on customize button available on the product page, and then you can add your text or image. 

Only difference is, in products where multiple color options are available, you have to select one color before you start customization. 

And where size is applicable, you have to select a size before you add to cart. 

There could be only two reasons  :

You have not selected the size or color or both. 

For product with color options, you have to select one color to activate the Add to cart button. Do it by clicking the little colored circles located just above the Customize button on the product page.

And then you have to select size from the drop down, then you will be able to add to cart.  

Yes can be done, you should have a Printstreet account and should be logged in. Then you can save your designs on your account and order it later, or can edit it and then order it. It will remain in the safety of your account, we cannot access the contents of your account till you order it. 

Its super easy to make a Printstreet account just to to My Account

The system should show the designed product image after you are done with the designing process and clicked on DONE button. 

Some time, the image gets lost in the product gallery images, toggle on the various image thumbnails below the main product image to see if your customized image is there. 

The system only shows the front design, so if you have designed something on the back and left front blank, it will show you only the front blank image. 

However, once you click on done your design is saved in the system, proceed with add to cart – view cart. Once you are on the cart you will be able to see a thumbnail image of the customized product along with a link to edit or view design, you can click on this link to make sure your design is as you want it to be. 

Get in touch with us on along with your order number, we will make the changes if your order is not yet printed. 

If you are finding this difficult, ping our design team on WhatsApp 73373 66555, they will design it for you. Share the design/reference image you want to print along with the product link or screen shot. 

Our online designer is very easy to use and fun too, we encourage you to give it a try, but if your think you cannot handle it, we will do it for you, its a free service. 

Additional Tools

Remove Image Background

Want to get rid of that white box around your logo or design, that is the image background, and it can be removed very easily using this free online tool.

Upload your image and get a clean, without background image file, which you can save on your device, and then can upload here at Printstreet for customizing. 

Change image to vector

Use the following link to vectorise an image. Vectorisation is process which will convert your image to a single color (black) output. Not all image can be vectorized, and not all vectorized image outputs are good to print. But its worth a try.
Following link will take you to a free online vectorisation tool ( Upload your image and select to convert it to SVG. You can then upload the SVG file here on Printstreet during customization.

Still Feeling Stuck ?

If you could not find what you are looking for, please contact us using the live chat option. Just tap/click on the green icon on the right bottom of your screen and one of our live chat agents will be happy guide you.

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