Product Customisation : A Beginners Guide

Customisation or Rationalisation ( as its called in some circles ) is the in thing now a days. Every thing can be customised it seems, from your home to home appliances, from your car to your shoes, the list goes on. We at Printstreet specialize in product customisation. Its our job and we love it. We are in this business for enough time to be able to tell you that product customization is not as simple as it looks, or at least as people think it of. 

Its not just an Indian thing, customization is now global. And with the advent and reach of eCommerce its now virtually a trend which almost all industries are following. You can find top Indian car manufacturers offering to customize your car. Now this was not available even a few years earlier. Now you can choose right from the body color to engine type and once you make a decision, the car actually will be made. How cool is that!

But as I mentioned above, its not that simple. So lets try to understand about a few customization techniques which we at Printstreet use. We deal in customized clothing, from Polo T Shirts with logo embroidery to Custom printed t shirts. From Bags with logo embroidery to pens with name we got it all. In this post I will try to explain about the basics of the customization techniques being used by us at Printstreet. 

Polo T Shirts 

Who does not wants a good polo t shirt. Men or Women, business, casual or sports wear, there is a polo t shirt for you. Well, we have not done any survey but if we do, I am sure polo t shirts will rank some where in the top 5 globally in terms of one choice of apparel. It goes with every thing you are wearing, and can be worn in virtually any occasion. We at Printstreet have a huge range of polo t shirts which can be customized. We have premium branded polo t shirts from US Polo, Arrow, Puma, Swiss Military & Scott and we also have regular pure cotton polo t shirts which can be customized. Now if I say customized you need to understand that we at Printstreet don’t manufacture the t shirts after getting an order. These are t shirts which we keep in our stock, and once we receive an order we put your mark on it. It could be your name, your company’s name, company’s logo or any other graphic input which the users wishes. There are of course various limitations about what can and cannot be done ( we will talk about it later on ). So this is what we mean by custom polo t shirts. And this all is done online, using a simple, easy to use yet powerful tool right here in our website. You need not have any designing expertise to create your unique print. What you need is imagination, and we will fillup for you from that. 

So if you are trying to get a customized polo t shirts online in India, then Printstreet is the right place for you as we have got all kinds of premium brands which can be customized using automatic computerised embroidery machines. 

Formal Shirts 

You might love it or hate it, but you cannot get away from a formal full sleeves shirt. It is a business essential, you will not be considered wearing formal if you are not wearing a formal shirt. As the name suggests, its formal, ie for formal occasions. It could be your regular business wear, or an occasion which needs a special dress code. Formal full sleeves shirts is an unputdownable option.

We at Printstreet offer a wide range of formal wear form the house of Arrow, it available both for men’s and women’s. Shirts can be picked up from white, blue, beige or grey. We also have a huge collection from Scott International in shirts. But it available only for Mens and along with the above mentioned colors some more are also available. Please have a look at our product gallery. 

Now if you want to customise formal full sleeves shirts for men or women’s, embroidery is the most preferred medium world wide. It gives the shirt an elegant look with computer precision embroidery on the garment. The ideal place it on the left chest, just above the pocket area. You deign – it could be your logo, you name, your company’s name or any other design will be displayed prominently at this spot, and since its just above the pocket on the front side of the garment, it will not be very big. Not more than 4 inches ( 10 cms ) in length and proportional height.   

Electronics Gadgets 

What is life without a few gadgets, nothing like it was few years back. Yeah, its true gadget are now an indispensable part of modern life. The one gadgets which every one now has is a mobile phone. Its not just our communication device but a powerful computer sitting right next to us. Most of us could not even afford a similar computer ( of the same capacity I mean ) say a 10 years ago. But that is how technology changes and that is how things are now. And with such a powerful and versatile device as a mobile phone, a host of other devices have also taken up crucial spaces in our lives. I am taking about devices like – Power Banks, Bluetooth Speakers, Ear Pods, Bluetooth headsets, USB Drives. And there are some innovative combination also available like a diary with power bank, or a Bluetooth speaker with lamp. 

All the above are available in Printstreet, we deal in electronics and tech products from reputed brands like – Portronics & Swiss Military. We also deal in premium generic manufacturers of electronics products and gadgets. Customizing a gadget is a tricky affair, but we figured it out. Tricky because the surface is not even, it could be plain or circular or any combination of it. The material is also not constant it could be PVC, metal, glass, acrylic or plastic. We use digital UV printing to put your mark on your favourite gadgets. If that is not possible we will use laser engraving on the surface. CO2 laser engraving is a great technique for marking any surface, the only drawback is its virtually impossible to put colors on the laser engraved design. It will take the color of the material or if there is a paint on the top surface, it will remove the paint and the inner surface will be visible. 

Customising an electronic item makes a great gift. It can be used either as a corporate gift or as a personalized gift to be given to your loved ones. Vist our product gallery for more details about the range and collection of our electronics and tech products offerings.  


We all need bags. To put our stuff, to make us look cool and to add to our style. Gone are the days when these lines used to define ladies bags and purse, now everybody keeps a bag. A school going kid will have a small bag, college folks have more cooler bags, and office junta will have big functional bags. But bags they all keep. We at Printstreet offer a wide range of bags from reputed global brands like Swiss Military to premium generic bags, we have it all. 

Customization on bags is done mainly through embroidery. The most outer layer of the bag is marked with the embroidery needles, and once it is done, the bags gains lots in terms style and function. It can be a laptop bag, a gym bag, a duffel bag or any other bag, we can get it customized with embroidery. Another method to customize the bag is through metal tags. Small aluminium metal tag are fixed on the outer layer of the bag using an industrial grade adhesive and the tag is marked with your content. The good part of this kind of customisaiton is that using this you can use multicolor printing on these metal tag. The printing medium is sublimation, which ensures exact pattern, gradient and color transfer. Even photos can be printed using this medium. 

Product customization is fun, but you need to understand what exactly you want. Based upon your requirement, you should choose the product and the correct medium of customization. In most cases the customization options are limited by the choice of product and its surface, one need to be careful in these matters. Or partner with some one like us, we are Printstreet offer a wide range of customisaiton options of premium and top rated products. 

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