Personalized Mugs

Mugs are an excellent personalisation and gifting idea. Its used by everyone and it can be easily and very efficiently customised. Photos can be printed on mugs and this makes them excellent for logo printing, personal gifting and for other such occasions. Coffee mugs, tea mugs and beer mugs can be customised like this. 

Photo Mugs

Photos of your loved ones or a company logo or of any event or outing can be printed on mugs. These are ceramics mugs and using sublimation ie heat transfer printing photo mugs can be made. And these are very effective gifting and personal use item. It makes a perfect personal gifts for birthdays, anniversary and similar such occasions. Its very useful and easy on the pocket, photo mugs can be made using very less investment and since its a digital medium, there is no MOQ, so if you want you can also get a single mug customised and can use it for your personal or professional occasion.

They can be a gift for your kids birthday or your anniversary, it can be a excellent gift for your office team to mark an event like completion of a project or attainting a crucial mile stone in your journey. Whatever be the occasion what ever be the budget, high number or even a single mug, it can be printed and photo mugs saves the day for you. As mentioned earlier these mugs are made of ceramics and like all other stuff made of ceramics these mugs too are very brittle. And as it goes with the products made of ceramics these mugs are very hard.

But since they are brittle, they are liable to break easily if fallen from a height to hard floor.A bit of care and caution is required to use them otherwise they are all fine. Having said that I should also add here that ceramics as a material is very versatile and is used in many household article. In fact its almost as hard and has brittle as glass. So if you are using glass in your home, which many households do, then you should not shy away from using ceramics just because its brittle and liable to break. Its beautiful, gives a nice shiny feel and you can put your photo on it to make a photo mug, so what if it has a short life, you can always get another from Printstreet. 

Mugs Printing

Since the advent of modern life, a hot beverage has been the hallmark of hospitality. A coffee or tea or some other kind of hot drink, perhaps a hot chocolate is offered to visitors in our home and offices. And what is the fun of serving a delicious hot drink if the cup or mug or the container, whatever you call it is not beautiful. Ceramic mugs are the answer to this question. They re hard, are shiny, comes in all sizes and are perfect for serving hot drinks as they outer surface does not gets hot unlike metal.

And since its a hot beverage, no body is interested in how it looks so, glass does not makes sense either. Now along with all these benefits, what if we tell you that now you can also customised and personalised mugs and use them for serving drinks to to guests. Or you can use it yourselves, there is no shying away from some self love. To personalise mugs printing is the best option, you can put any number of colors you want and it will come out great as if you are printing it on a paper. And since its a mug, it will be washed using a detergent based product, so the printing of the mugs should not get damaged during doing so.

Printstreet offers excellent mugs printing online service and is available for delivery all over India. So you can pick up your mug, upload a photo or design and get it printed in our facilities and we will deliver it to you anywhere in India. And mentioned earlier that ceramics products are liable to break due to their inherent virtue, we at Printstreet pack the mugs in such a manner that chances of breakage is minimal. We take all care of delivery and are very conscious about its impact on customer satisfaction rate. So for mugs printing, look no where else and put your trust with Printstreet. 

Beer Mugs Personalised

Human civilisation evolved over the ages from simple agrarian civilisation to the complex global community it is today. But inspite of this changes and evolution, there are certain aspects of the old agrarian lives of our ancestors which we have inherited and continue today. Beer drinking is one of them, started as a storage method for surplus agricultural produce, Beer now rules the world.

According to global sales estimates, it the most consumed liquid in the planet after water. And there are many who don’t drink, there are many communities and countries which do not drink and do not encourage drinking, inspite of that global beer sales have been increasing every year shattering old records and making new one. And one of the most important part of beer drinking is the vessel through which the liquid is consumed, also know as beer mugs or beer glass. And with a drink as special as a beer and if you are sharing the drink with some of your friends that the vessel too has to be special and what better way to make a product special then to customise it.

Beer mugs personalisation with name or photo is very popular now, and its the in thing to do. You can put your and yours buddy’s name and image on the beer mug and enjoy the drink with a good amount of camaraderie and bonding, or you can put your personal favourite quotation and text on the beer mugs and can enjoy your drink or give it to some one as a gift. Everyone appreciates a gift and if the gift it well thought out and is personalised beer mug then the value of your gifts and your personal value in front of your friend or whomever you are gifting increases many folds. For beer mugs personalisation with name and photograph Printstreet offers excellent options which can be used. 

Photo Mugs Printing 

Coffee, tea or a hot chocolate, what is common among all these, Yes you need a mug to drink and consume them and if that mug is a ceramic mug things start becoming interesting. Ceramic is a versatile material used in many households globally. It is made up of fused silica and some other naturally occurring material and is a civilisational learning, like the invention of wheel or fire. Many cultural have old traditions of making pottery and other similar stuff and ceramic is a kind of pottery using a very fine kind of river clay.

By using photo mugs printing and similar methods, these beautiful vessels can be personalised and customised and can be used for gifting and other such occasions. It can also be used personally for one’s day to day use. The printing on mugs are done through sublimation printing and images are transferred through hot press, and since there is no chemical applied on the surface, this type of printing is scratch proof. Even if you want to remove it though rough scratching, it will not go. So this is best for mugs which are essentially utensils and will be used in home and kitchen along with offices.

So even after multiple rounds of washing using a brush and detergent the photo mugs printing will not wear off, and  will give a long life of the product. Earlier we used to drink tea or coffee in small cups but with the advent of automatic coffee machines in offies the consumption of this beverage has increased and now people drink in large containers, hence mugs. And since we are able to print any kind of image, graphics or gradient based graphical image of the mugs using sublimation, these mugs are called photo mugs

Magic Mugs 

The word magic draws immediate attraction and so does magic mugs. There is no magic involved in it but science, but strange and new kind of science is no less than magic. So what happens in magic mugs, it will seem like an ordinary mug, without any kind of printing and will look like completely ordinary, but the moment a hot beverage is poured into it slowly an image will start appearing. And after a few moments the complete picture will be visible as if its a printed photo mug.

But once the hot beverage is consumed or is poured out, it will again turn back to being normal mug, without any kind of printing. This is magic mug, but the real magic is that you can choose which image you want it to show during magic time, yes, now this is real magic, don’t you think so. The idea is to be able to customise these kind of mugs to show a particular image only when the inner surface is hot. Now imagine the kind of application it can have, it can be used to carry out a personal message just for fun.

And for people who are not aware of it being a magic mug, the kind of awe it attracts is worth the time and energy spent in designing those mugs. Printstreet offers a good selection of magic mugs on its website and it can be customised using top quality mug printing service. So you choose a mug, you choose the image and/or the message and we will deliver it to you anywhere in India and once you gift it to your loved ones, the real magic mug happens. 

Photo Mugs for Birthdays

Kids birthdays or adults, all needs a good gift. And if you wish you can also plan to give a return gift so that you don’t feel awkward after receiving those shiny boxes. Now during birthday and for any such event every body else will be bringing gifts for the host and it will be pile of gifts on which your box will be ultimately placed. This itself is a scary thought as your gifts like you will be forgotten in the pile of others.

There is an easy way out from this mess, and that is to personalise the gift. No one cannot be impressed with a gift which has been personalised for the recipient. Weather a kid or an adult, weather for personal affairs or for office use, photo mugs for birthdays makes perfect sense. Its impressive, an article of use, not just a show piece, it can be customised using photos and logos and it can be done really cheaply.

Photo mugs for birthdays return gifts are also an excellent idea. Since its cheap it can be done without any burden on one pockets and you can give an impressive gift to your guests, the one which they will remember for a long time. And if some one does not drink coffee or tea, these mugs can be used as  a pen stand and they will give service as a table top article.