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Custom Printed Dri Fit T Shirts

T Shirts made of polyester are usually used for sports and other outdoor use. These t shirts have a unique, quick drying function, so even if they are drenched with sweat or any other liquid, they will get dry very vastly and hence the name. Other common names are dry fit, dry cell and drifit t shirts. 

Custom Dri fit t shirts 

Pure polyester t shirts are very soft to feel and are very high in durability and strength. Polyester is a synthetic material and with that come its strength, since its a man made material, it can be researched and improved easily. Drifit t shirts are a result of this long research in the field of fabric improvement and performance analysis. The fabric is very light in weight and is very thin, it dries very quickly and is very difficult to tear off. These qualities makes the garment excellent choice for sports and other allied application. And since the garment is made of polyester it can be printed very easily.

You must have noticed which watching your favourite sports that all field sports team wears color coordinated garments. And since the sports jerseys are similar, it make sense to print the name of the player and the team and a player number of the back or front of the sports shirts. This can be achieved with relative ease if we are dealing with polyester t shirts and thus it makes an ideal choice to make custom dri fit t shirts. We at Printstreet offer very good range of products to choose from, you can top brands like Puma to choose from. So you can choose from Puma Dry Cell team t shirts and can make it your own by printing yours and your team’s name on it. 

Custom T Shirts for Gym 

Having a fitness regime is very significant for survival in the modern world. And one of the most common fitness regime is going to the gym. Men and Women both go to the gym and sweat. And once you start sweating the only thing you want is to get dry, else your entire concentration will remain on getting dry and not on the task you are doing. For this very cause, custom t shirts for gym is required. Its your own t shirts with your own design, your own slogan and if you want your own logo as well. If you are a gym owner, you can give this t shirts to all of your members, and can make them feel good.

The basic thing is that these t shirts are made from polyester and are dry cell or dry fit in nature. So even if they are subjected to heavy usage and are full of sweat or gets wet due to some other activity, drifit t shirts will get dry very soon. It is the virtue of fabric to dry quickly and hence the name, and since it can be printed as per the users input, so if the users wants to put his name and team logo on the t shirts that can be done with ease. If some one wants to gift these t shirts with one’s favourite slogan or quotation it can be done. And infant any other thing like this can be done with ease. Custom t shirts for gym are a perfect gift for the fitness crazy youth of today. Any one with a fitness regime will love to get a t shirts with their name and photo or logo printed on the t shirts. 

Puma Dry Cell t Shirts 

Puma is a global brand in sports and performance apparel and merchandising, and they have an excellent product called Puma Dry Cell Team T Shirts, these garments are unisex and are made specially for sport and applied application. They are super light in weight, are ultra thin, can with stand high tension and pressure are above all dries very quickly. These qualities makes them an excellent choice for sports, outdoor, tracking and gym activities. It can also be used as a fashion accessories as it is being done with other sports stuff. But the quality and smoothness of Puma is very different.

And the best part is that it can be customised as per users input, so you can put your slogan, logos and even photos on these tees. Along with dry cell team t shirts, Puma also offers other t shirts for sports, those are with collar are are ideal for men. But the fabric and strength is as good as these t shirts. These t shirts are pure polyester and are specially designed for improving the performance of the wearer during sports and other physical activities. 

Printed Performance T Shirts 

Physical activities are very draining on the body, one you start those stuff, you will perspire and will sweat. And if you are doing any important physical activity which requires you to perform your best, then it can be a deterrent in that. So the smart guys in the labs came up with a solutions, which is using specially designed garments for specific sports. These garments are made of pure polyester and are very easy to wear. The fabric density is very less and as a result the weight is significantly lighter as compared to cotton or other natural fabric.

The strength of these garments are very high, which makes them an ideal choice for sports. And the good part is that they are made up of polyester, and since they re made up from polyester, they can be printed using sublimation. Printed performer t shirts are a rage now a days, you can print your favourite sports star’s photo on the t shirts, or you can put your favourite slogan or a quotation from some one famous to make you and other push that extra hard which is required in sports. And since its a performance t shirts it means you are wearing it during an occasion where your physical and mental concentration is paramount, in these circumstances even a little push make a lot of difference, and we at Printstreet are there for you to provide that little extra push. You can order printed performance t shirts online using our simple tool and can even design it using our powerful online designer. 

Sports Jersey with Name 

The apparel used by sportsmen and sportswomen during sports is called jersey and it is normally color coordinated. It means that people of one team will wear t shirts of same color. It makes the team feel like one unit and enhances a sense of  camaraderie. Now with this come a unique problem as on how to identify the players of opposite team, to solve this issue putting a number on the player was suggested and is being used in all over the world in all sports. So if you are a payer you will need sports jersey with name and number.

If name if not there then number is also sufficient but name is preferred. All these can be achieved done with ease at Printstreet. We offer a wide range of sports jerseys and they are all kinds. So you can choose if you want a round neck or the one with a collar. To suit all tastes and choice, we offer more than 10 different colors and combinations. You can pick up top global brand like Puma or a domestic premium sports wear manufacturer like sulphur. Generic top quality products are also available for price conscious customers.

Once the product is finalised, it can be customised with your name, logo and number. You can put even a photograph on the garment and this makes it truly customisable. We use dye sublimation and embroidery for customisation. Both these methods are permanent and are extremely easy to carry out. Sports jersey with name is must if you are playing cricket, football, badminton, basketball, table tennis, tennis, kabaddi or any other such sports which requires you to push your limits, and Printstreet offer numerous ways to make it happen.