Frequently Asked Questions

Printstreet is a technology-based online mass customisation company. We facilitate customisation on a wide range of products from premium brands in apparel, electronics, luggage and lifestyle products. We also deal in printed paper products. We are one of India’s largest online mass customisation company.

We offer customised products in – Clothing ( T Shirts, Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets etc ) Electronics ( Bluetooth Speakers, Power Banks, USB Drives, Lamps etc ) Bags ( Laptop Bags, Over Niter, Office Bags etc ) Accessories ( Wallets, Card Holders, Wrist Bands etc ) Pens ( Promotional Pens, Fountain Pens etc ) Mugs ( Photo Mugs ) and Paper Products ( Visiting Cards, Posters, Stickers, Flyers etc.

It means putting your mark in the product. So if its a T Shirt, you can pick up one from our collection and specify what you want to mark it with. It can be your name, your company logo or a photo graph. We will put it in the product in such a manner that is permanent.

We started operations in Oct 2016, but Printstreet Online Retail Pvt Ltd came into existence in Sep 2017.

Hyderabad, its our home and we serve the world through our base here.

All our customisation and printing works are being undertaken in Hyderabad. Some in our own facilities and some in our partner facilities.

Well it depends on the product. For garments its – Embroidery ( automatic computerised embroidery ), Sublimation ( heat press transfer ), or rubber printing. For electronics and tech products it is – Engraving ( CO2 laser engraving ) or Screen Printing. For bags we primarily use Embroidery. You will be able to choose what kind of customisation you want in your product during designing.

100%, we stand by our products and take full responsibility and guarantee that these are genuine products of the respective brands.

We source all our products from the respective company’s institutional sales distribution channel. Some brands are sourced directly from the company and some are from their respective authorised distributors. We are dealers of all the brands for corporate and institutional sales.

There is no such thing as minimum order quantity in most of our products. So if you want you can order even 1 product. You will get better prices if you order more. But you can order any quantity of your liking.

Yes off course, that is the whole point of bulk orders. As the quantity increases so does your discount. We are delaying with customisation and these are certain fixed costs for any kind of customisation job work, so if the quantity increases you will get more value of your money.

We will ship the order within 7 days of receiving it. And after that, it will take another 3 – 7 days for the shipment to reach you depending on your location. Most major cities are covered within 3 days, but please check your delivery timeline by entering your PIN Code. Ex:500082

Well, it’s customised retail you see not traditional. We have to execute the job work after receiving the order. Unlike Amazon or Flipkart we cannot just ship the products after receiving the order, we have to make it and then ship it. Traditional e-commerce companies take on an average 5 – 7 days for shipping. So in a way we are matching the e-commerce industry average but doing customisation also in the same timeline, we are doing it faster than the traditional e-commerce companies.

We use some of the best courier companies in India to deliver your orders

Blue Dart, FedEx, DTDC, Delhivery, GATI, Ecom Express and more such premium courier companies. We have tied up with Shyplite and use their platform for delivery. They are partners with all these companies, based on you location the most efficient courier company will be assigned to your order.

Yes, you can. Check your shipment confirmation email, you will be able to see the tracking no and the link for the same. If you cannot find it, please contact us at

We would love to, please get in touch with us at Please note that there will be an additional charge for this service.

Well its not always possible to change the address once the shipment is in transit. Please get in touch with us on we will try our level best to accommodate your request.

Now this is a tricky one, pay attention. The answer is both yes and no. If there is no customisation on the product we do not have any problem taking it back. Once we have put your logo or text on the product we cannot do anything with it but to deliver it to you. If there is some inherent defect in the product ( which is very unlikely ) or if we got it messed up during customisation ( which again is very unlikely ) we will exchange the product with a new one. In the highly unlike event of you being not satisfied by the product and if we fail to convince you otherwise, we will take it back and refund your money. It has to be done within 7 days of you receiving the product, and with all the tags and barcode etc being intact. Please read our returns policy in this regard. Print street Promise also deals with the subject, please read the policy document about Print street Promise also.

Sizes are different but the measurement remains same. For example a Medium size tee of Scott ( M – 40 Inch ) will be different in measurement from a Medium size tee of US Polo ( M – 38 Inch ) . Please see the size chart of respective brands available at the designer page to be sure. We will not entertain return or exchange request if you got the sizes wrong, so please be careful here.

Of course they are. The stock available with us is different from the one available in the retail outlets. We supply the institutional sales stock of all brands and they are different from the retail stock. Its of the same brands but different segment. And this applies to all brands we have here.

As mentioned earlier we deal with the institutional sales stock of these brands, its a different range. And different than the one available for retail sales. Only the products available for institutional sales are available with us not all.

We are a humble medium, mere service providers. Any guarantee/ Warranty/ Serving will be provided by the respective brands through their own channel. Please look out for the details about the same on the designer page while ordering.

We cover more than 80% of the serviceable PIN codes in India. If how ever you are from the remaining 20% we will not be able to serve you through our shipping platform available online here. Please get in touch with us on we will work something out for you for sure.

Not currently, but if you have an order, please get in touch with us at we will see what we can do.

Yes you can, if you choose to pay through RazorPay during check out. We use multiple payment gateways and RazorPay is one of them which supports payments through international cards.

You will get a confirmation on screen after making the payment telling that your order went through successfully, you will also get a confirmation mail in your registered email id. Once the order is shipped, you will get a confirmation mail with the tracking code of your oder.

Relax, nothing bad will happen. The payment gateway will take care of it. In most cases you will get the payment back within 3 – 5 days. We also track these kind of payments and will keep you updated about it. It’s not in our hands you see, its between the payment interface and your bank, we are not a party to it. But we will make sure that you will not loose your money.

Well thats highly unlikely, but if you think so please get in touch with us at we will make it right to your satisfaction or will refund your money.

We are an online retailer and don’t have a physical store. We do have an office in Hyderabad but we don’t store our products there. So you cannot come and see the samples. If you want to sample our products order one without any customisation. If you did not like it you can return it back within 7 days.

Yes every body who has a GST no wants that, we got it covered. During checkout you will have the option to enter your GST no. If you missed it, you can go back to your account and enter it. We cannot generate another bill with your GST no on it, hope you understand that.

We would love the extra cash but we don’t do priority orders currently. All orders will be treated on FIFO basis, sorry.

Email, WhatsApp:; Chat:; or you can write to us through this form as well.

We also would love to have you with us, but first we need to see if you can fit in, please fill this form

Who doesn’t, get in touch with us at we will see how we can utilise your services.

No One actually, we are boot strapped.

No one is supposed to respond to calls on that number. Its a WhatsApp number use it for that purpose only. It’s not a customer call support number, we don’t have one actually.

Its one of the cardinal rules of e-commerce that product colours are not exactly as they look on screen. Its the limitation of technology, no one has a technology to make it look same across all screens and all devices. We how ever have taken great care in cataloging our products and the colours are as close as possible using the available latest technology. User discretion advised in the matters of product colour.

100% cotton garments will shrink after first one or two washes. This is the property of the garment and not a product defect. PC ( Poly Cotton ) garment how ever will not shrink unless subjected to brutal treatment and abuse. Please follow the wash and care instructions provided with the garment carefully to maintain your garment.

You don’t need to, we don’t handle your payment related details in our servers, its all taken care by the payment gateways ( RazorPay, PayPal, PayTM ) and these are the top companies in India handling millions of payment per hour on their servers. They follow the global best practices in this regard and your data is safe with them. If you want you can find out more about there privacy policy here

We will not, and if we did, we will make it right to your satisfaction

We do not do assured delivery shipments currently, please order with a 10 – 15 days delivery period in mind. We also would not like to ruin your special occasions due to a delayed delivery, so plan well in advance.

On our offers pages, created especially for this, here is the link

Yes you can, please create a user account and keep all your designed stuff there.

Yes you can, a PDF will be made available after you have saved your design, you can download it.

No, we process our payments through payment gateways, and they don’t support cheque payment. You can pay through: Credit/Debit cards, Net Banking, UPI, Payment Wallets all are available in the check out page.

We might if we know you. Currently, we have corporate partners in Hyderabad with whom we deal with this kind of payment. We will soon roll out this feature to other major cities and if your company is located there and if you are planning for bulk orders with recurring tendency, we would be interested in associating with you. Please get in touch with us here

Yes, if you don’t want any thing on your product, we will not do any thing. Not doing any customisation is also a kind of customisation you see.